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Sunday, January the 30th 2005, page 12 of “The Hindustan Times” and the Article – Is it all over for Billiards?  After reading the article and interview of Mr. Geet Sethi, I felt that somewhere the great Indian legend, who clinched the world title seven* times and rule the world of green baize, is not happy with the way cue sport was getting treatment in India. He took it as a challenge and put all efforts into popularizing the game through various means, including holding competitive tournaments in various cities in India. He mentioned in his interview `We have the players, we need the glamour'. How true!

In addition to these, there are some areas where attention is also required like when I approached the game I found difficulties in finding a proper club, where to get the cue, who would be the right coach, etc. After spending considerable time in searching, now I can say, yes I have a coach to train me, have places where I can play, am known to good players who can point out where I am going wrong in my game, have intimation about upcoming tournaments so that I can be there to play/watch matches. This doesn’t mean that these were not there before my search; YES they were there and they are but I found them after a sustained search. And now someone should deliver correct information on time to all those who want to play the game, are looking up for coaches, rules & regulations, clubs, federations/state associations, etc. Hence, Cue Sports India is an introduction to the game and members of the cue sports fraternity in India and abroad.

Vivek Pathak
Cue Sports India

* at that time there were seven titles. Now, these are nine.