General Tips ...

by Arvind Savur >>>

Every Building needs a foundation; similarly the baize game player also needs four pillars i.e. Bridge, Cueing, Stance and Grip, and the most important is to keep eye on the ball at the time of final delivery ...

Bridge: All Five Finger should be firmly placed on table and the finger should be pulled inward so knuckle chucked out and the arch should be in the thumb and index finger.

Cueing: Cueing should be to run the cue on the arch of the bridge in a rhythmic forward & backward movement. 

Stance: Stance vary person to person and should be as per players own need but in basics, (for right handed player) left knee jutting out, the right foot in a general direction of the shot and the right knee flexed backward thereby maintaining over weight on both legs and left arm straight at, but can be awkward due to intervening balls. 

Grip: I prefer firmed, which is more helpful in snooker and in snooker it should have a backward draw and a short follow thereafter is more effective and practical for accuracy and control.

Contrary to the public indignation a general impression is that Billiards & Snooker is only meant for old timers to pass time and this game is not required physical fitness. This game is definitely require outstanding physical fitness reason being unless you are fit, you canít play two or three matches in a day as required by the championship.


Should a person mind be properly functional then he loses proving that it is because you are not physically fit.


These Green Baize game are basically because of mental strength and its only a fit body can have a fit mind for sure grueling hours of playing with the un-natural bending of the body and also the strain on the limbs, arms & legs for hours together.


This also improves concentration levels and as a result of which a player can also apply his mind towards academic excellence. 



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