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Sunday, January the 30th 2005, page 12 of “The Hindustan Times” and the Article – Is it all over for Billiards?  After reading the article and interview of Mr. Geet Sethi, I felt that somewhere the great Indian legend, who clinched the world title seven* times and rule the world of green baize, is not happy with the way cue sport was getting treatment in India. He took it as a challenge and put all efforts in popularizing the game through various means, including holding competitive tournaments in various cities in India. He mentioned in his interview `We have the players, we need the glamour'. How true!


In addition to these, there are some areas where attention is also required like when I approached the game I found difficulties in finding a proper club, where to get the cue, who would be the right coach, etc. After spending considerable time in searching, now I can say, yes I have a coach to train me, have places where I can play, am known to good players who can point out where I am going wrong in my game, have intimation about upcoming tournaments so that I can be there to play/watch matches. This doesn’t mean that these were not there before my search; YES they were there and they are but I found them after a sustained search. And now someone should deliver correct information on time to all those who want to play the game, are looking up for coaches, rules & regulations, clubs, federations/state associations, etc. Hence, Cue Sports India is an introduction to the game and members of the cue sports fraternity in India and abroad.


In the Cue Sports India website, one will find information about all three more information about Billiards than Snooker or Pool. In fact one will find this site slightly partial towards Billiards. PARTIAL…? Yes it is!


My personal observation is, people are aware about Pool or Snooker but very few of them know what billiards exactly is. However, I found greater fascination in Billiards than in Snooker or Pool, and the one man responsible for this fascination is the one and only…. GEET SETHI. The technique, style, control, concentration, consistency, footwork, what else… just sit aside and watch him playing. As and when I saw him delivering strokes, I found myself drawn even more towards the game. I now hope to see more of you coming ahead to join the cue sport fraternity and popularize the beautiful game called BILLIARDS.


Vivek Pathak

highly fascinated by Cue Sports

* at that time there were seven titles. Now these are eight.



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