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If we speak in terms of Cricket, the main difference in Billiards and Snooker is just like a Test Match Cricket and One Day Cricket. Where Billiards is traditionally rich and carry a style and maintains a class, the Snooker is slightly more aggressive, carries a well defined target within a very short duration of time. The infrastructure, equipment and conditions are same as in Billiards but the difference is because turn of each player at the table comes very much faster than as in Billiards. The game can also be played in doubles and as a team too. Where as the Billiards is played with just three balls and goes on as long as the player delivers his / her skills to stay on table.


Snooker is played with Twenty Two Balls [including cue ball] wherein fifteen Red colored balls; six different color balls [one each of Black, Pink, Blue, Brown, Green and Yellow] and one frame ends when all these balls are potted in terms of rules defined for the same. Billiards has no limit of obtaining points, Snooker’s has maximum 147 point [which is the highest score a player can obtain in a single frame]


Before the game starts, all the six color balls are placed on spots allotted to each color [as described in Section `Equipment – Table] and Reds in a form of Pyramid between Black and Pink [much closer to Pink]. Rest about how to play the game of Snooker is clarified in Rules Section.



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