3-Cushion Carom ...



Billiards is a much known game for cue sports lovers. Every one is aware with the concept and object of the game of Billiards. 3 Cushion carom is as much similar to billiards and as much different with the object, concept and equipment of the game.

3 Cushion carom is a game in cue sports which is used to play on a pocket-less table which is slightly bigger than a standard Pool table. The size of the table is 10 x 5. The Cloth of the table is nap-less and is electronically heated. The cue is similar to Pool Cue. The balls size is also bigger than the balls used in billiards, though they are same in number and color as in Billiards (i.e. White, Yellow and Red). In addition to this, the both the cue balls carry red spots on it as it helps the television audiences to know the amount of spin used on the cue ball.

The object of the game is to make contact of Cue Ball with other two object balls (very commonly known as `Cannon' in Billiards), but the difference is the cannon should also have a contact of cue ball with at least 3 cushion in-between. This can happen in any order as long as the cue ball touches atleast three cushions prior to touching second object ball.



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