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Cue Sports Workshop by ALAN TRIGG





Registration Fee

Booking to


Oudh Gymkhana

Kaiserbag, Lucknow

Uttar Pradesh

02 - 06 April 2013


(Rs.5000 subsidized by LCKO)

Lucknow Camp only of UP Players

Mr. Tanuj Kohli




Megapool Snooker Academy

3/4 (2nd Floor) Rajapuri Chowk

(Opp. Sector 4, Dwarka)

New Delhi - 110 075

07 - 11 April 2013


Mr. Vivek Pathak

+91 9818182770





Its about Alan

Alan Trigg is one of the top snooker coaches in the world, he works for the development of snooker worldwide, he has coached some of the top professional snooker players, many of which is seen regularly on T.V. now and in the past.


Alan is one of the only coaches in the world that teaches other coaches to a professional level, as the senior coach at the new academy in Sheffield, Alan offers to teach beginners, advanced, professionals and coaches to a higher level.


Alan started playing snooker at the tender age of 6, made his first century when he was 11 years old and won his first big tournament when he was 15 years old, he has represented his country England on many occasions, turning professional in 1991, unfortunately he has a serious accident that stopped him playing as a professional in 1994.


In his playing career he has made 12 tournament 147 breaks and has twice won the European senior championship. Alan started coaching in Leeds when he was 15 years old, he has taught some of the top names in snooker, his first major success was Paul Hunter, Paul was from Leeds so he naturally came to Alan to be coached, within the first month he made his first century, after a further 5 weeks he made his first 147 break, he was fully sponsored after this, then turned professional.


Alan started teaching other coaches in 1985, the first big success was a coach called Steve Prest, Steve coached Shaun Murphy to his famous World championship win.


Alan also coaches women, he has a unique approach to teaching women, he believes that with the changes that have been made in the game, also the equipment has improved dramatically that there is no reason why a woman cannot compete with men on an even keel.





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