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Royal Western India Turf Club Snooker Team Event 2008



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Royal Western India Turf Club

Pune - Maharashtra



18 February - 11 March 2008


Group A Group B

1. RWITC Ltd A

2. PYC C

3. Sun Sports

4. Sachit

5. Residency

6. T Pool Junction A

7 GA B

1. DA Hustlars

2. RWITC Ltd B

3. PYC A

4. PGI B


6. T Pool Junction B

7 New Club

Group C Group D

1. PGI A

2. RWITC Ltd C

3. PYC B

4. DECCAN Gymkhana

5. Horizon A


7 POOL Around

1. GA A

2. C.M.E.

3. Revolution

4. Frames

5. Horizon B

6. T Pool Junction C

7 Corner Pocket





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