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Yasin Merchant writes to Rahul Gandhi after



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'Most importantly the list included, 'Youth Icons' who have been conferred with Padma Bhushans and Padma Shris for setting such examples like being allegedly involved in killing endangered species, having live-in relationships, abandoning wives and kids and moving on to 'greener pastures', getting involved in immature, juvenile digs at fellow performers. Are these the role models for our children?'.


The letter then goes on to state Yasin's achievements, before stating bitterly, "I do not have very strong political connections, nor do I have the desire to buy these awards (was told a price too this time). I also do not have the patience and inclination to go around begging for recommendation letters from MPs and MLAs, as the formality for these awards demands. Ludicrous!! A sportsman running around in circles, waiting at MPs and MLAs offices, just so that he can benevolently be graced with a recommendation letter, buttering up assistants and PAs just to get an appointment with the very same MLA, who only a few months ago went from door to door with folded hands seeking re-election."

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Credit: MID-DAY

Mumbai - Saturday 30 January 2010



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