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More Cue Sports Medals in 2009 Asian Indoor Games @ Vietnam


THERE is a strong likelihood that the number of Cue Sports medals will be increased at the 2009 Vietnam Asian Indoor Games.


The third episode of the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA)-governed Asian Indoor Games is tentatively scheduled to take place early November next year in the major Vietnam cities of Hanoi and Ho Chin Minh.


According to recent communications from Vietnam, the host country has recommended to OCA that Cue Sports should have 10 medal events - two more than  the 2007 Macau Asian Indoor Games. A decision in this regard was reached following a recommendation by the ACBS President Sindhu Pulsirivong to His Excellency Dr. Nguyen Thanh Thai, the Vietnamese Minister for Sports and Chairman of the countryís National Olympic Committee.


Most importantly, 6-red snooker that made a very impressive debut at the 2007 Korat South East Asian (SEA) Games is likely to feature for the first time at an Asian multi-sport event. According to the initial draft of the Cue Sports technical handbook for the Games, which is in the process of being edited, two 6-red snooker events will be contested in Vietnam. These are menís and womenís 6-red snooker singles.

Moreover, the traditional menís singles and team contests have also been retained on list of the medal events.


Another addition to the list is menís 3-cushion carom singles. At the 2007 Asian Indoor Games in Macau, only battles for the menís 1-cushion singles had taken place with players from Vietnam winning the gold and silver medals. Menís 9-ball pool singles and womenís 8- and 9-ball pool singles have also been retained on the list to complete the list of 10 medal events


 Friday 31 October 2008


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