The Snooker Player's Guide To English Billiards
by Martin Goodwill and Roger Morgan
Each lesson is illustrated with diagrams and photographs and the modern engaging format will help you learn many new cue skills. These techniques have helped Martin Goodwill to win six English Amateur Billiards Championship.
Success vs Joy
by Geet Sethi
A perfect translation of Observations and Experiences of 8 times World Billiards Champion, Geet Sethi.
Teaching & Coaching BILLIARDS
by TOM AIKEN (Scottish Champion since 1902)
A book for those who wants to learn Billiards, this book provides a compete reference of various shots in scripts as well as through proper diagrams.
Wonderful World of Pool and Billiards by ROBERT BYRNE
A Cornucopia of Instructions, Strategy, Anecdote, and Colorful Characters.